Bati Brando Profile

Tanay, east of Manila, is an idyllic fishing village that is also an artist haven. A number of known Filipino artists trace their roots to Tanay. Generations more have been produced in the last decade many of them making names for themselves in the art world both here and elsewhere in the world. Brando Bati is one of them.
Brando Bati creates art that is close to the town he loves. Not schooled formally in the arts, Bati boasts instead of informal classes at the feet of whom he considers as masters, among them Tam Austria and the venerable Ka Ante Catolos. Bati openly professes how the rich influence proffered by these artists nurtured him in the rigors of visual art.

Traditional fishing equipment and tools, ricefields, farm and fisherfolk at work are common themes of Bati’s canvasses. They are suffused with nuances of the barrio that almost smell of earth and sea as well as newly harvest rice, and of people who are gracious and hospitable in spite of globalization.