Jesse Rona Profile

Leo-Born artist who was discovered mostly by his elementary and high school teachers that made him a school artist during his high school days in 1969.
In 1971 he came to Cebu, after the death of his mother seeking for greener pasture and found an extra job on a cargo vessel in which his uncle was the captain of the vessel. Then was promoted as quarter master and after three years became the second mate in position after passing the Professional Regulation Commission examination as licensed patron. As an officer, he always find ways to paint landscapes, seascapes etc…, whenever he is not on duty, because he always bring canvases, brushes and colors on every trip until 1986 when he quitted as seaman and prepared to continue his painting career.
The year 1989 he got a job at Maitland Smith Philippines in Mandaue. Although he was already 40 years of age at that time but still he was accepted as production artist and later became the head of the painting department but he still want to paint everyday. He asked some items to be painted by him during the day of work. As a head, he could no longer exercise to paint because he was busy of supervisory work on his department. He decided to transfer to the sample making department where he was recognized by the owner Paul Maitland Smith. Then he was promoted as an assistant head of sample department.
May 1990 he joined Prism Guild under Tony Alcoseba who has an exhibition of painting at the girl scout building in Baniland and happened to win second prize on that competition. The piece is entitled “Carcar Church” in which Paul Maitland Smith himself bought the painting.
June 1991 he won 1st and 2nd prize simultaneously during CAA’s midyear painting exibit.
Oct 1992 finalist of the first Filipino Inc. Art Competition
Later he was offered a 5 year contract by a French Businessman on a higher salary with yearly increase Plus a trip to Paris, France, an Illustrator of Naval scene, Portraits, etc… that had been distributed throughout Europe, France and the Arab Region. He resigned at Maitland Smith Philippines and accepted this offer in 1993.
Jan. 30, 1996 won 2nd prize winner at Carcar on the Spot Painting Competition.
Oct. 1996 a grand prize winner during the Filipino Inc. Art competition titled “Filipino Hundred Years” Awarded at Ayala Mall-Cebu.
Apr. 3, 1991 grand prize winner at CHAC Museum a painting contest sponsored by the city government titled “Leon Kilat” and the “Tres de Abril Uprising”.
Dec. 2001 3rd prize winner during CAA’s Yuletide Painting Contest.
Aug. 9, 2003 Runner up during the Art Petron National Painting Competition held in Makati.
Apr. 24, 2003 a contract offered for Dubai by an Arabian employer on wedding services to illustrate and design wedding Background which includes portrait of the bride in Dubai and Sharjah U.A.E.
Feb. 20, 2008 first one man show at “Galley Q” in Mandaue City.
Mar. 14, 2009 3rd prize winner at Gaas, Balamban Cebu during the “Second Magsaysay on the Spot Painting Competition”.
For the past years joined many exhibitions on different venues in Cebu City. His paintings were also exhibited in one of the antique shop owned by a French businessman in Paris France Mostly Naval scenes with Galleons rearranged from pictures.
He had already ventures exploring the realm of abstraction that to him is ”endless” and the more complex deeply mysterious world of modern painting. For years, heartily shared his values, wisdom and countless admirer of art.