Roger San Miguel’s ‘Seasons of Life’ at SM Art Center

MANILA, Philippines – Roger San Miguel — a veteran artist esteemed by National Artists Vicente Manansala,  BenCab, J. Elizalde  Navarro, and Napoleon Abueva, whose portraits he painted —  mounts a solo exhibition titled “Seasons of Life,” organized and presented by Gallerie CMG at the SM Art Center. The show opens on Feb. 2.


Philippine Daily Inquirer (Roger San Miguel)

ADMITTEDLY, many pieces of “tourist art” were done by hacks, with no pretensions to high art.
Still, there were some artists along Mabini in Manila who were seriously trained in art, mentored either by Fernando Amorsolo, dean at University of the Philippines Fine Arts, or Victorio Edades, dean at University of Santo Tomas Fine Arts, the two rival artists and schools.
One of these artists with established galleries had on the glass pane of his window showcase the distinctively hand-painted name “Roger Sn Miguel.” (The Sn is stylishly intentional.)

He is Roger San Miguel. Our meeting with the artist, now a still active septuagenarian with a white shock of tousled hair and beard, sparked the thought that we were talking to one of the country’s elder statesmen in the field of Philippine art.
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Life Style Arts & Books (Tessie Duldulao)

THERE used to be a species of still-life painting—the so-called vanitas—that was prevalent in the 17th century, replete with objects such as skulls, guttering candles, withering flowers, an hourglass, mirrors and butterflies.
All these remind us of the inexorable passing of time and the need, as the inspired saying goes, to find time to smell the flowers.
One Filipino artist who has devoted decades of her art to communicate the jubilation of floral still lifes is Tessie Duldulao. In both her life and art, she has brought, and continues to bring, a spirit of equanimity and repose and a disciplined commitment to finish what she has started.
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